Шинэ Монгол Технологийн дээд сургууль
New Mongol institute of technology

Don’t waste your time and just study hard


Шинэ Монгол Технологийн дээд сургуулийн “Journal Club”-ийг удирдагч оюутан Б.Энхриймаагийн ДБШОУЗҮ-ний зөвлөх, профессор Чан Басаруддинтай хийсэн товч ярилцлагыг хүргэж байна.

  • Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Chan Basaruddin from Indonesia. I am professor of Computer Science. Also here I am serving as consultant.

  • What was the first impression of this workshop?

I really like many people participating this seminar and enjoy the lectures and group discussion. The participators are working on the tasks very seriously and delivering their result.

  • What do you think about Mongolian higher education?

This is my first time actually in Mongolia. I have never been here before. If I were in Mongolia about 5 or 7 years ago, higher education in Mongolia would see that Mongolian higher education is quite encouraging now.

How do you see future of NMIT?

Well, I hope your NMIT will prepare specialized engineers and make a great contribution to leadership. Also, your university is catching up the development. The most important thing is that NMIT should prepare the engineers who are real human being and have good morality.

  • Can you give to our students some comments or motivational words?

Good question, the students should become right person, and develop skills and knowledge. Be creative. Don’t waste your time and just study hard. Importantly, don’t forget why you came here.